A tribute to the Mediterranean sea

Azul Mediterráneo is dedicated and made as a tribute to the blue Mediterranean sea for its beautiful blue colour. Is a revolution idea and brings passion to your life and your party. Azul Mediterráneo is made from chardonnay, moscatel and verdejo grapes, and it is blue thanks to a natural pigment called anthocyanin. This pigment is extracted from the skin of blue grapes and is mixed with the broth to get the colour that characterizes AZUL MEDITERRÁNEO.

Spain and the Mediterranean sea is for many the perfect combination. Great food, great wine, great weather, great beaches. The Spanish way of life is living the good life, and it is a healthy life style. Now we are bringing Spain to you, through Azul Mediterráneo. As we say in Spain: arriba- up / abajo –down / al centro- to the center / pa dentro –inside / Salud- Health! Enjoy your blue revolution with AZUL MEDITERRÁNEO.

Azul Mediterraneo won 3 medals in the 2018 ConVino event, where 116 wine based products competed. Azul Mediterraneo Classic won a gold medal and both Azul Mediterraneo Dry og Azul Mediterraneo Frizzante won silver medals. ConVino website

The Grapes

The grapes are harvested in early autumn, at night to ensure the grapes are cold when harvested, as this keeps them juicy.

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After the grapes are harvested we extract the juice and start the fermentation process. When the fermentation is over it will rest for 2 weeks to develope its flavors and taste.

Blue Colour

The secret to the colour is the anthocyanins which is found directly under the skin of the blue grapes. We add this in a complicated natural prosses. Anthocyanins is rich on antioxidants.

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The base of the blue wine is chardonnay grapes, and its blue colour comes from a complicated process from the anthocyanins, from the grape of Garnacha tintorera, which have 40 different lays of natural pigments of blue colours -anthocyanins- under the skin of the grape. The anthocyanins are also natural in blueberry, and when we eat blueberry, we get blue in our mouth, this colour is the anthocyanins, and are rich in antioxidants. To stabilize the blue colour, we use a minimum of 0,000001 of E133. The result in the mouth is balanced taste, with a slight sweet taste that makes it harmonious in its tasting, is daring, different and unique.

Product: Flavoured coctel containing wine
The Chardonnay grapes harvest takes place during the month of August.
The fermentation of the grapes at a low temperature (10ºC) to transform the sugar into alcohol is made during 25 days.
The red grapes are added to provide antocianina, the natural colouring material present in the red grapes.
With the melt of the white and red grapes we obtaine a violet blue color keeping the fresh and fruity flavourings of the white Chardonnay.
Once the fermentation process is finished, we add a colouring to get a shiny blue colour.
Pressing and filtering the wine by a traditional way.
The blue wine have 11,5% alcohol percent.

About Us

We are passionate about wine

Our range of red and white wines have not only received great feedback from wine lovers, our first Rioja wine won a gold medal by the International Wine Guide 2015. Today we work together with two bodegas to create our outstanding wines, one is based in Caudete de Castilla, the other in Rioja. To learn more about our traditional wines please visit our wine web, Vino Casa Vital >>

Azul Mediterráneo was born out of the desire to make something different, something which would excite people. With the clear blue colour we believe that we have launched a product that is truly unique. Anthocyanins which give us the colour are powerful antioxidants, and thus have anti - aging properties. They are protective against cellular oxidative stress, as with most of flavonoids has been able to establish a link between regular consumption of foods rich enantocianina and a lower incidence of a variety of malignancies.

Our Products

Our first Azul Mediterráneo, Classic, was an instant success selling more than we had expected for a newly launched product. Therefore we in 2017 launched 3 more variations of Azul Mediterráneo, so that people can choose their blue favourite.

Azul Mediterraneo Classic


Chardonnay and moscatel grapes

Azul Mediterraneo Dry


Chardonnay grapes

Azul Mediterraneo Frizzante


Verdejo grapes

Azul Mediterraneo Brut Nature

Brut Nature

Chardonnay grapes


Azul Mediterráneo is currently available in these countries, we expect more countries to be added shortly.

Our vines are distributed by Vinmolopolet in Norway. You can see our range of wines on their webpage >>
Azul Mediterráneo is sold at selected stores and restaurants on the Costa Blanca, you can also purchase our wines at our restaurant in Altea, webpage >>
Azul Mediterráneo is distributed and also sold online by cavinazul blankenburg krahnert gbr. Visit their webpage for more information.
Azul Mediterráneo is distributed by janake wine group AB, visit their webpage for more information. Azul Mediterráneo is available at Systembolaget for Swedish retail customers.
Azul Mediterráneo is distributed by Milen Panayotov, visit their webpage for more information.
Azul Mediterráneo is distributed by Wine24shop.gr, visit their webpage for more information.

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Often referred to by the consumers as the blue wine / blå vin